Claudius Films, founded by Claudia Levin, is an independent production company committed to raising original and unheard voices through film, television, theater and new media. Formed in 2005, Claudius Films has consistently taken on dark, controversial issues and used them to create vital, engaging films.

Tel Aviv International Documentary
Claudia Levin at the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival. Photographed by: Yula Sheinfeld

Claudia Levin, the owner and founder of Claudius Films, is an award-winning creative producer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Her own life, which has taken her from Argentina to Israel to New York and back again, has been instrumental in dictating her choice of production projects. The “outsider” status, common to so many immigrants, has given Levin the eye to identify, and then observe, stories emanating from some of the most marginalized elements in society.

Whether it is the daily struggles of homeless women in south Tel Aviv (Bums, Go Home), the challenges faced by Palestinians in a village that is constantly harassed by the Israeli army (Bil’in, My Love), or the contradictions lived by transgender Filipinos who emigrated to Israel in order to care for elderly Orthodox Jewish men, each feature from Claudius Films uncovers an untold story that reveals broader truths about our society.

Taking on issues involving human rights, gender, sexuality, women’s rights and social justice, the ethos of Claudius Films – and of Claudia Levin – comes across in every project: to draw attention to the lives lived unseen on the fringes of society, and to put power back in their hands by allowing their voices to be heard.