A West Bank village threatened by Israel’s separation wall becomes the stage for demonstrations that will  come to define Palestinian non-violent resistance against the occupation.

Bil’in My LoveUnder the pretext of security, the village of Bil’in in the occupied West Bank is about to lose more than half of its land to the Israeli separation wall and to a neighboring Israeli settlement. In an attempt to stop the bulldozers, tear gas, beatings, arrests and live ammunition, the villagers confront the Israeli army in creative, non-violent weekly demonstrations.

Shai Carmeli-Pollak, an Israeli who has been following this popular resistance, arrives in Bil’in first and foremost as an activist fighting the occupation and only then as filmmaker. He stays for more than a year and accompanies the village’s struggle, focusing on two people that become real friends: Mohamed, a member of the village’s local committee against the fence, and Wagee, an olive tree farmer and father of 10, who is losing the majority of his land to the fence.

Director’s statement

I did not come to Bil’in as a filmmaker, but as an activist, to take part in the protest against the land theft caused by the separation barrier.

For a year and a half, I used my camera to document the moments of despair and hope, danger and courage and the birth of true partnership between Palestinians and Israelis. During this period the village became a symbol of the joint struggle against the barrier and the occupation.

Film Festivals

The Jerusalem International Film Festival, July 2006 Sarajevo Film Festival, August 2007 “Middle East: What Can Cinema Do?”, Carol Shyman, Paris, Nov 2007
Rotterdam International Film Festival, January 2007 Festival de Cinéma de Douarnene, France, August 2007 Brussels Attac FF, Belgium, November 2007
Visions Du Réel – Nyon, Suisse, April 2007 Uhuru Productions / 3 Continental FF, South Africa, September 2007 Black Nights FF, Estonia, December 2007
Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, May 2007 Calgary FF, Canada, September 2007 Seattle Palestine FF, Jan-Feb 2008
Amnesty International Film Festival, Movies that Matter Foundation, The Netherlands, 2007 International Environmental FF, Torino, Italy, October 2007 Human Rights Film festival, Croatia, February 2008
Palestine FF, London 2007 Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan, October 2007 ViBGYOR International Film Festival, India, February 2008
Voices Forward Film Festival, Toronto, June 2007 Bergen International Film Festival, Norway, October 2007 New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival, April 2008
Cinema Utopia FF, Avignon, France, July 2007