For Dorit and Zeevik, the love that took nearly a lifetime to make itself known is now facing a premature end as Dorit is diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease.

Dorit Harel and Zeevik Drori met 30 years ago during their army service in Israel, but took 20 years to realize they were in love with each other. Now making up for lost time, they strive to make every moment count. However, at the age of 56, Dorit – the designer of Yad Vashem – was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a rare and fatal degenerative disorder. Dorit now plans the rest of her life in the knowledge that her remaining time with Zeevik is limited.

Director’s statement Dorit’s Time 2009

When I first meet Dorit she is busy planning programs for the coming months. She is a creative person with the financial means to do almost anything – and most importantly, she is still able to. “Work is the best medicine,” she tells me, and after a day with a full agenda she goes to bed at night with the most wonderful feeling – that for now she is winning against her disease.

In the early weeks of the disease I find myself on a frenetic journey across four continents. She swallows life in full doses. Dorit cannot stop. She is afraid that if she stops for a moment, she will no longer be able to get back up. But as the weeks go by signs of hardship and distress start to appear. Signs of the disease are already present in almost every new experience.

The pace slows. Dorit seeks to move away from the world, from friends, perhaps in the painful knowledge that for others, life goes on. The disease gets worse day by day. For long moments during the day she is in a cloud. I move the camera in closer, to her eyes – the only part of her that her body did not betray. Even after the muscles of her body atrophy, her eyes remain a narrow opening to the world that she is leaving.

And then suddenly we come back to reality. Moments in which Dorit is alert and lucid again. In a few moments she will die with a clear mind and fully conscious – just as she sought.