A personal look at one of the most fascinating social experiments in recent history – the kibbutz.

Lavi Ben Gal, who grew up on a kibbutz, returns to his childhood home after a long absence. According to the kibbutz regulations, Gal must decide whether to remain a kibbutz member or part ways forever. Gal turns the camera on himself and on his kibbutz in the run-up to the most important decision of his life. The resulting documentary is a journey to a home one cannot leave, but to which one can never really return.

Director’s statement Eight Twenty Eight 2007

Eight Twenty Eight is a personal journey towards my childhood memories within the kibbutz. I haven’t lived on the kibbutz for ten years. In the time of my absence, the Kibbutz has changed dramatically: a sharp turn from socialism and cooperation to capitalism, privatization – a total collapse of collectiveness.

Now, according to kibbutz regulations I have to choose if I want to stay as a member or leave. I stand opposite the kibbutz where I grew up, in the place where I used to feel at home and now I’m a total stranger and I have to make a decision.

I feel stuck between the ages of eight and twenty eight. I know that I can’t really return but I’ve found out that it’s not so easy to leave.