An exploration of the metamorphosis experienced by women who have been raped or subjected to incest.

Metamorphosis is based on testimonies of women who have experienced rape or incest, and of greek myths of  rape that results in metamorphosis.

Arachne, the narrator of the film, is a mythological figure who was transformed into a spider by the gods as punishment for spinning their acts of rape into webs.  In the film, Arachne spins the testimonies alongside the mythological stories of rape as one cultural continuum, creating a web which is a powerful and profound indictment.

Netalie Braun

Filmmaker Netalie Braun attempts to locate a forgotten voice, to tell the story from the inside, to allow a space for a narrative that is difficult to hear and which illuminates the rotten aspects of culture.

Director’s statement Metamorphosis 2005

The film’s basic point of view is one of experiencing rape as a metamorphosis, akin to the archetypal metaphor of rape as seen in the work of Ovid.

Ovid wrote Metamorphoses in the year 8 A.D, during the golden age of Roman poetry, and it is still considered one of the great cultural achievements of western civilization. The book contains some two hundred and fifty tales of metamorphosis: Men turning into beasts, birds, plants and rocks. Fifty of the tales deal with rape resulting in metamorphosis. The piece thus constructs rape as the act that embodies the power relations between men and women.

The choice of metamorphosis as a metaphor for rape is one of great exactitude, for the act of rape entails a physical as well as mental change in a woman – one that transforms her into something else, something that is missing a part of itself, thus alienating her from herself. The idea that binds the stories together is one of silencing: The severing of Philomela’s tongue, reflecting the change taking place inside of her, Io losing her ability to speak once raped by Jupiter who transformed her into a calf, etc…

Today, nearly 2000 years after Metamorphoses was first written, women who’ve been hurt still remain silent, as if it’s not clear enough yet that their stories must be heard, told in a voice loud enough to demolish the rotten infrastructure of men-women power relations.

The film records the changes taking place in the lives of four women who’ve been raped. The Metamorphosis is treated as a kind of rewriting, whereby the narrative is separated from the voice of the heteronym and transformed into the voice that experiences and silences. The movement between the usage of metaphors and documentation is an integral part of a search for a language that attempts to perceive the reality of what occurred.

Film Festivals

The Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel 2006 Shanghai Television Festival, China, June 2007 Split Film Festival, Croatia, on September 2007
Women International Film Festival, Rehovot, Israel 2006 Pärnu International Film Festival, Estonia, July 2007 Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, Turkey, on March 2008
Seoul Women’s Film Festival, Korea 2007 A Special screening at the UN 51st Session on the Status of Women, New-York, 2007 Flying Broom International Woman’s Film Festival, Turkey, May 2008
Bodrum Film Festival, Turkey, June _2007