A lifelong quest for philosophical answers and an encounter with drugs leads a young man into a breakdown.

Moonstruck ManAmit, 34, has been seeking the answers to existential questions throughout his life. While on a trip to Central America he takes magic mushrooms, a hallucinogenic drug, and becomes mentally ill. Amit’s breakdown and its aftermath are documented by his best friend, the film’s director, over the course of a decade. The result is a stirring documentary about friendship, mental illness and a “lost generation.”

Director’s statement Moonstruck Man 2009

The film reveals the world of Amit (34) through interaction between friends. A whole world was created between Amit and me which the camera peers into, observing very private and intimate dialogue. When I am with Amit, the truth is on the table. When Amit is around me he is not afraid to appear crazy, to appear as someone in possession of an unusual internal dialogue. Our dialogue is based on years of close friendship, years in which a whole new language was struck up, a whole new world of ideas. In the film as in life I give legitimacy to Amit’s peculiarities, and through this dialogue expose his unique way of seeing us and the world.

I am an organic part of his world, his kibbutz, his family, his friends. I am a factor in his stability and balance. For example, while I was abroad he was hospitalized for the third time. He didn’t talk to anyone until I came back, and then wouldn’t shut up for two days. It must be said that in a strange way Amit is also a stabilizing factor for me, and only one word is needed from him for me to put things in perspective.

I have been filming Amit for years now and his story is kind of an obsession for me; sometimes he is also surprised at the level of my involvement. The film also portrays my pain at being a friend who is not ready to settle for Amit “the zombie,” who is balanced by medication but sometimes forgets his passions and purpose in life.

I identify with Amit not just as his a friend but also as someone who was always outside of the framework and far away from the “mainstream.” As a filmmaker I am fascinated by the subject of consciousness and the “loss of sanity,” and I seek ways to express these paths and feelings on the screen.