“If you understand that the commercialization of pride and class oppression are related, that the oppression of lesbians, capitalism and trafficking in women are related, that the oppression of Mizrahim and Palestinians is related…then you have no choice – you are also related.”

כביסה שחורה

Tel Aviv, 2002. A new political movement has begun, one that understands that the impulses driving the oppression of women, of LGBTs, of Palestinians, of Mizrahim, of immigrants, of foreign workers, are all related. They are the same impulses that drive capitalism, militarization, class oppression, occupation, settlement-building and commercialization of pride. Called “Black Laundry,” the direct action group, chiefly made up of lesbians, opposes the occupation and works for social justice. Starting from the worldview that minorities must fight for one another, they seek to strengthen the private struggle for equality through the universal struggle for the same.